Are 21 and Blackjack the Same?

Blackjack game

21 and Blackjack are one of the most popular card games. Surely each of you knows the rules of these games. If the sum of the cards is more than 21 – bust, if it is 21 – won, if less than 21 – the cards are compared with the banker’s cards. But in real life, these games are quite different. Let’s look at their differences so that you no longer confuse the games themselves, and know how they differ.


The first option is the classic 21. It is a more representative game. It was played in Europe and America at home or on ships, on a trip. You need 104 cards (two decks from 2 to Ace). The meaning of the cards is the same. You can’t ask for a card from the middle of the deck, you can buy more only in order (first the first, then the second, etc., although, as agreed, it’s not forbidden in the order of the word), you can buy no more than three cards.

Brief History


In the first half of the 20th century, this game was cultivated in casinos in the USA and other countries until it was completely squeezed out by Blackjack. Moreover, the game was allowed until the end of the deck, that is, the played cards were put and the game continued until the end of the deck. When the deck ran out, the banker changed (if not in the casino). But there were unique ones who mathematically calculated a positive game strategy for themselves when counting the cards that came out. Therefore, the cards began to be shuffled after each game.


Blackjack tips

The second option is Blackjack, the second classic casino game (after roulette, but before poker). It is generally not played at home, since you need to have 6 decks of 52 cards each (imagine a stack!) And a special shuffle, in which only the top card is available from the deck, this eliminates the possibility of dishonest play by the banker.

The value of the cards is as follows: ace – 11 or 1, pictures and ten – 10, the rest at face value. The game is played open. Each is dealt two open cards. The first player in the queue is constantly changing (the banker moves a chip from player to player, which indicates the first one). The banker always rebuys at less than 17 and stops at 17 or more. In the casino (and indeed in blackjack) it is forbidden to touch the cards with your hands.

If two identical cards came, you can make a “split” – the player is divided into two banks, he makes the same bet on his second bank and buys more.

Played cards are put over. Therefore, players can theoretically count the cards that have come out. It is forbidden to do this in a casino. After a certain playing time, the entire deck is collected and removed from the table. Instead, a new one comes.

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