5 Secrets for Beginner Poker Players

Beginner Poker Players

Usually, the first hands and even days of playing poker confuse beginners – what to do, whether to raise or not and in general, how to remember these cards. Even more common is the situation when a beginner simply does not have enough time to make at least some decision.

Don’t Enter The Game From an Early Position

Poker Players

Early position is the position of the player at the table before the flop. Includes the first 3 players to the left of the big blind in a 9-10 player game, and 1 player in a 6 or fewer player game.

No wonder the early position in poker slang is called Under the Gun. A beginner can immediately drive himself into a triple trap: play with weak cards against more experienced opponents which means giving more information about your card.

Therefore, at first, it is better to play fewer cards, but watch how other participants play, get used to the pace of the game, and try to see and remember how certain combinations are played by opponents. Over time, understanding will come of why, when and how to change this rule.

Create a Table and Analyze

The idea, most likely, was borrowed from the multiplication table: first, you peep – then you gradually remember. If you want, you can just learn.

Even 10 years ago, poker fans could only dream of such an amount of educational material. There is a video (VOD), articles, and ready-made signs, other players will also suggest something. Watch, read, discuss with friends – and create your own tips. If we are talking about online poker, then specialized programs will collect this information for you. 

Poker is Evolving

Poker is a very lively game that is constantly changing and evolving. Over time, such a table of starting hands will no longer be needed, but at first, it will save a lot of time at the poker table and allow you not to lose playing chips.

Success – For the Most Simple Solutions


Most starting hands are suited cards because they are about 5% more likely to improve on the flop. At the same time, many beginners try not to play even combinations such as king-jack, or queen-jack from an early position. Do not complicate your decisions – try to play with cards that will be stronger than the opponent’s cards more often than others.

Learn Additional Techniques

Despite the fact that tricks have already become mandatory in the arsenal of even a mediocre player, try not to get carried away with them at first, because experience is a very important factor, and a more experienced player can open a bluff and “steal” your bet, understanding that you feel insecure. Therefore, make the most comfortable decisions for yourself. Each hand is unique in some way. Feel the situation. It’s best to read a couple of articles first, and then start to hone the above techniques on passive or even more insecure players.

Learn to Play Aggressively

This is one of the most important lessons in poker. It’s also an introduction to the “how to take advantage of the situation” lesson: if someone just limps (betting the size of the big blind), raise. Let your opponent now make a difficult decision. 

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