How to Place Bets on Corners in Football?

Corner Betting

In bookmakers for corner kicks, the line of bets has appeared relatively recently. More and more bettors are moving from the classic line to predicting corner kicks. Let’s take a look at the football corner betting strategy and provide punters with some useful tips.

What is Corner Betting?

For any sports match, bookmakers correctly set the line. You can see that in most matches the number of total goals is 2.5. This is the average performance of the clubs. When betting on corners, most of the bookmakers in the line put up 9.5 corners per match.

This strategy requires a comprehensive analysis to reduce risks. The following most important criteria are distinguished when predicting corner kicks:

  • Motivation;
  • Squads;
  • Playing style;
  • Form of Teams.

After getting acquainted with the squad you need to follow the match during the first ten minutes of the match. This will provide an opportunity to get an idea about the picture of the game, which will allow you to make a more accurate forecast.

Study the Motivation of Players

Corner Betting in Football

If the motivation is high, then the match will be held at a high pace. It also increases the chances of corners. Motivational factor is influenced by weather conditions. In rainy weather, players will make more mistakes, which will force them to kick the ball more often.

It will not be superfluous to watch video replays of past matches and a detailed analysis of match statistics. The tactical style of the coach is noticeable, which can affect the number of corners.

Useful Tips

Betting on corner kicks is very easy. It is required to learn only a simple truth – if the favourite concedes a goal first, then there is a high probability that he will break through the individual total in the match.

According to statistics, if the favourite club is in the lead, then it takes 2-3 more corners per match than if it loses. This nuance must be taken into account when placing bets live.

The number of crosses is another direct correlation to corners. Cross is a pass made to the penalty area from the flank in search of the opponent’s head. The English Premier League is the leader in this indicator.

In this regard, we see matches in which the number of crosses made from the flank is more than 49%. It turns out that 8 out of 10 options ended in total over corners in the match. England is distinguished by similar specifics. Players often made passes from the flanks. In this league, there are many tall players.

The Bottom Line

Betting in Football

The system of betting on corners in football is as follows. If the favourite of the match concedes a goal quickly, then you should take advantage of the offer on the market in the game. If the favourite quickly takes the lead, then nothing is apparent in this match. Then it is worth considering the style of play and the starting lineup. Try to combine and gain experience. In any case, it is this outcome that will justify itself in the long run.

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